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Projection in film

The cool thing about projection, is that it can be applied just about anywhere. "Toothbreaker", a short film directed by Simon Floris, was set in underground rave venue. Floris needed rave visuals, and here's what I came up with.

Toothbreaker Visuals

Step Printing

Step printing is a technique derived from optical printing. Optical printing is theoretical now (mostly) due to the equipment it used. However, some of the techniques can still be achieved with softwares like after effects. This technique was a driving factor in the visuals used for "Toothbreaker". It was achieved by repeating the same footage, lowering the opacity, and off-setting the timing by a couple of frames. The outcome is what you see here below. Footage from and Emily Pace.

From the Set



Watch Now

Projections done by Emily Pace and Natasha Naylor

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