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A projection piece:


A different take on a classic phone booth. Sculpted and then projected on to portray love and sex.

The outcome

To attempt projecting on something other than a wall, something not even 2D. Our take was an English phone booth where we projected love scenes as if they were happening inside the phone booth.

The Vision

We didn't know who or how, but we knew what: sex and color. Anything that came to our minds that would convey these ideas we filmed. 2D graphics, stock footage, and live action. However, they all had color. And they all fit into the phone booth.

The how

The phone booth was made out of foam core and then plastered in cement and spray painted white. For the media, we gathered and filmed our footage, made about 8 pre-compositions, and then finally composed them all together in after effects. To project, we used Madmapper and two projectors aimed at the corners of the booth to be able to cover all four sides and the top.

Directed and edited by

Emily Pace and Natasha Naylor

Music by Chris Kon


Sarah Hughes

Jed Ryan

Lucy Nadeau

Patrick Aherne

Marissa Adams

Alayna Bowen

Grace Harding

Claire Marino

Elena Bach

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