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Built By

The client, a personal trainer, initially came to me wanting a logo for her fitness business. After creating the final logo, the client came back wanting to create a set of cards depicting some of her most popular workout routines. Together, we communicated and created the final pieces both her and her clients would benefit from. 

Built By Britt_edited.jpg

Built by Britt Logo

Like any logo, you start off with the initial ideas from the client, what they hope the logo will be, and create a stylized logo specific to their vision. Below, you will see the work in progress of the different logo ideations for Built By Britt. 

The Final Logo

With a clear understanding of what the client was looking for, we narrowed down the options, and decided on this. I am happy to say that even after 3 years, Built By Britt continues to use this logo for her business and attracting new clients.

Built By Britt Routine Cards

The client, now having a background with my work, reached out about creating a set of cards that visually represented some of her most popular workout routines. Something she could send to new and current clients that wasn't a standard video, but easy to screenshot and save for later.

They needed to be clear to read and understandable, but also representative of Brittany herself.

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