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Imagine Music Festival

Summer 2021, I was grateful to intern for Imagine Music Festival for their upcoming event scheduled for September. I was tasked with taking still layouts and adding animation to them for their social media platforms. Each post had to be made in a 1:1 ratio and also a 16:9 ratio for story posts. At the end of the internship I was given more freedom to create a 3D announcement for their wristband release.


Wristband Release

Imagine was releasing their 2021 wristband announcement for shipping and wanted something different than what was previously posted, meaning 3D. Before this, I had dabbled in 3D using Cinema 4d, but didn't have a lot of experience. Youtube and School of Motion were my best friend for this project. There are things I would change about it now, but overall I am happy with my first 3d project.

100 Days Away

Starting the countdown for the festival 100 days away. 



Lineup Phase 2

Everyone who goes to festivals know that the lineups are the most anticipated part. This was to announce their updated lineup and reveal new headliners.


Percentage of Sales

This announcement was wordy but needed to still be easy to read and yet fun to show to their followers what was close to selling out.


Prices Increasing

I think you get the gist of this one. The fish this time were created using the puppet tool versus the go to turbulent displacement effect.


This was the first project I did for Imagine. I was tasked to add an example of the filter being used and showcase its release.

Instagram Filter

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