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What originated from a set of stills, this 3d animation piece was created by combining two concrete ideas: a blooming flower and skyscrapers. This 3d modeled, data moshed, and then animated to "US", Cityscape was made.

Song: US

Artist: Whipped Cream


Bravo Media asked for a set of stills to be made from concept to completion, for a client's LED screens on 6th Avenue. Each one was to focus on a different theme, "Cityscape" being Spring. After delivering the stills for them to pitch, I still wanted to turn the 20 plus hours it took into something finished for my own purpose.

I had always been inspired by the song "US" and felt like a blooming flower budding a city was a great way to visualize what I felt. After touching up the animation, syncing it to the song, I datamoshed the renders and created the final for "Cityscape". 

Screen Shot 2022-08-19 at 3.05.47 PM.png


A concept derived of two separate but surprisingly underlying connections.

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