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The 27 Club

A short about the infamous 27 Club. Script written by me, narrated by Jackson Wise. To give sufficient justice and respect to the "members", a lot of research went into this. Created in Cinema 4D and after effects.

Research began by first examining who was in the 27 Club, a sad sum of over 50 members. Next was decided what was to be discussed about the club. This led to origin, conspiracy theories, and even how some of the members were "welcomed" into the club. The context of the club is obviously sad, yet, I didn't want to glorify the club but instead pay tribute to it.

The idea was to give featured members a room that represented their eternity in the 27 Club motel. The never ending hallway plays on the idea that the afterlife is never ending and goes on forever. The zoom out starts at the "end" of the hallway and ends at the entrance to the 27 Club.

Work in progress of some of the featured rooms: Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse, and the entrance to the club.

Script by Emily Pace

Voice over: Jackson Wise


  1.  Let’s play a game of “Who am I?”

  2. I'm an exclusive club

  3. My members include some of Hollywood's most a-list celebrities, musicians, singers, and artists.

  4. You can’t meet any of the members, ever.

  5. I was technically born in 1938, when Robert Johnson was supposedly poisoned. 

  6. Legend has it that Robert went to the crossroads of Highways 49 and 61 in Clarksdale, Mississippi, to make a deal with the devil in exchange for musical talent, but with a dreadful debt to be eventually paid.

  7. But a club isn’t a club until there’s other people in it right?

  8. My real founding fathers, however, started the club in the 1970s.

  9. First Jimi Hendrix joined, then Janis Joplin, and a year later Jim Morrison.

  10.  Rumor has it that all three of them died with a white bic lighter in their possession. 

  11. Kurt Cobain gave me my name when he died by suicide, leaving his wife and daughter behind.

  12. I was kind of forgotten until Amy Winehouse joined, bringing 416 mg of alcohol per decilitre in her blood with her. Causing her to go into comatose and shut down her respiratory system. 

  13.  You don’t choose to join, I choose you.

  14.  Just like I did with Brian Jones when he accidentally fell into a pool and died.

  15.  Or like D. Boone when his girlfriend fell asleep at the wheel causing the van to flip.

  16. Some astrologists have linked Saturn and its effects on people to their timely entrance into the club. 

  17. It is usually at the height of your career.

  18. The requirement? You have to be 27 years old.

  19. And the price to pay will cost you big time.

  20. How much you might ask? It’ll cost you your life.

  21.  Am I fate? Am I a trade off with the Devil? Am I just a coincidence?

  22.  What am I? I'm the 27 Club.

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